Get Your Juke On!

Are you ready, because here we come! Going to take you into the gritty and sassy world of Juking’ Blues!
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Ever wonder if there’s more to Blues than slow dancing? Do you sometimes feel at a loss as what to do when you find yourself momentarily disconnected from your partner? Looking to add something more to your dancing arsenal?

We can help. :)

John Vigil and Erin Kelly blues dancing in Chicago at BluesShout 2014

John Vigil and Erin Kelly competing in Chicago at BluesShout 2014

John Vigil (all the way from Albuquerque!) and Erin Kelly are super excited to bring this special 1 day workshop to Los Angeles, CA on May 9th, 2015!

Early bird tickets are on sale now which also includes admission to the monthly Blues Liberation Front dance! We are going to try our hardest to keep the lead/follow ratio balanced, so class size will be limited, which means register NOW and get ready!


May 9th, 2015 12PM – 4PM


Three amazing classes, entry to the dance, and potential life changing revelations! 😉


55 early-bird, 70 later-gators!


Click here to register online!


Anisa Studio 14252 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Private lessons

We have a limited amount of slots after the workshop on Saturday, contact us immediately if you want to book a slot. They are available in 10 min increments and can be purchased online.

Contact us here to book a private or if you have questions.


After you register, go to our Facebook event and let everyone know you’re going!


Gritty Jukin’
Jookin’ is the style of blues dance that is most commonly seen on the social dance floor. A little gritty and a little sassy, Jookin’ was done in the jook joints down south and later at rent parties in the big cities. During this class we will focus on the gritty side of Jookin’- we’ll get down & dirty, movin’ & groovin’ to the deepest of the blues tunes. Are you ready to get down?!

Work That Groove
Let’s find your groove and work it! Too often we dance our default and never go beyond it. This class will explore ways to expand our groove in both solo and partnered dancing. Warning: creativity and smiling will happen!

Fancy Pants
Time to get fancy! A little bit of flight, a little bit of dynamite. Let’s add some POP and ZING to your dancing!

Erin’s Bio

Erin has been haunting the dance floor since the early 2000’s. With a huge variety of dances from blues and swing to Ballroom and belly dancing, you will find her feet moving to any beat.

Having a deep belief that anyone can dance if their willing to put in the effort, Erin skillfully breaks down dance movements to what people do in everyday life. Furthermore, she believes that dancing is a joyful physical expression and that reflects in her teaching.

She teaches both locally and nation-wide, is a frequent competitor, and part of the all-star women’s blues troupe, Mojo Aristocracy. She’s frequently dressed to the nines, so be on the lookout for her and ask her for a dance!

John’s Bio

With over 20 years of dance experience, John is confident in his dance ability, but also knows that one can never learn enough! He runs a dynamic, lighthearted classroom, and enjoys working with beginner dancers, instructors, and everyone else in-between. Students have often said they feel comfortable and have fun in the safe environment he creates. His classes will challenge you to develop new dance technique, improve your body awareness, and gain new insight on how to move your body.

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