Campbell Miller mini-Workshop with John Vigil Monday March 16th!

Campbell Miller mini-Workshop with John Vigil!

Dancers, we have a special treat for you: international instructor Campbell Miller will be here NEXT week to teach a mini-workshop with John Vigil!
[Register now, spaces are limited!]Campbell is a lifelong dancer, with 20+ years of solo dance training and 15+ years of partner dancing, and now teaches professionally on the faculty at UT Austin and at workshops around the world. She last taught in Albuquerque back in 2011, so don’t miss out learning from this world Blues dance champion!

The workshop is on March 16th at 6:45PM and consists of two phenomenal classes that will improve your dancing and help you find more joy in it. We are going to try our hardest to keep the lead/follow ratio balanced, so class size will be limited, which means register NOW!

And check out a couple of these videos to get an idea of what we are teaching and how incredible Campbell is!

When: March 16th 6:45PM – 9PM
What: Two amazing classes with Campbell Miller from Austin, TX!
Cost: Only 30 if you pre-register!
Door: 45
Where: TangoXchange
302 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Elasticity and Rotational Energy
Master the power of momentum to create dynamic, dramatic, and daring moments in any dance. We will explore how to really stretch out your movement to get every last drop out of it.Flying legs and fancy tricks!
Add a splash of surprise and a dash of delight to spice up your dancing! We’ll give you our secrets to some of our favorite flashy moves so that you, too, can execute them with precision and control.

Bios :
Campbell Miller
Campbell inspires her students with fluid body movement, an engaging teaching style, and a contagious enthusiasm for dance. Her students praise her ability to simplify the complex and nurture each dancer to find their own unique voice. Her warmth and patience create an inviting atmosphere for all levels of dancers, and she offers personal feedback in a way that makes students feel empowered and confident.
Her favorite Blues dances are authentic and dynamic conversations, ranging from intimate and subtle to playful and fancy.
Connect with Campbell at

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