Burque Blues Workshop with International Instructor Flouer Evelyn and John Vigil

New Mexico Blues dancers: We have a special treat for you

International superstar Flouer Evelyn is flying from New York to teach a Blues dance workshop with John Vigil! Some of you locals probably remember her teaching at the Denver Fusion Exchange!

Flouer and Alfredo at bluesShout

Flouer and Alfredo at bluesShout!


Friday 10/24/14
Fundamentals Class starts at 8:30PM at our Friday dance which is located at Maple Street Dance Space.

Saturday 10/25/14
11AM – 5PM
Please plan to show up at 10:45AM on Saturday so we can start on time, thank you! Workshop is at the tangoXchange.
House party! We will provide some snacks and refreshments, and if you are inclined to bring something to share, please feel free. We will hand out location info during the day on Saturday.


Four classes of amazing Blues instruction! (or is it five, read below!)


YOU! Workshop will challenge people of all levels!


Includes workshop, snacks, and house party

Early Bird (includes all FIVE classes!) 65
Late Bird 80
Door Price 90


Register now for Early Bird pricing! Early Bird ends Monday the 20th!


302 Central Ave SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102

What else?

If you register for the Early Bird you also get the Friday lesson before the dance for FREE! Flouer is going to teach this lesson and it will be a fantastic way to kick off your Blues workshop weekend!

Anything else?

Oh yeah, HOUSE PARTY Saturday night! (Hosting available for you awesome out of towners!)

Your To-Do list

  1. Go register!
  2. Join the Facebook event for more details that will be posted!
  3. And join our newsletter to stay up to date.
  4. Mark your calendar for October 25, 2014 11am – 5pm.
  5. Tell your friends by sharing this post!

Class Descriptions

The Fundamentals

This class on Friday night will start your workshop weekend on the right foot. We will go over the fundamentals of Blues dance and get you prepared for the weekend. Everybody, including advance dancers, wants to work on these! NOTE: This class is free for those that signed up for the Early Bird.

Gritty Jookin’

Jookin’ is the style of blues dance that is most commonly seen on the social dance floor. A little gritty and a little sassy, Jookin’ was done in the jook joints down south and later at rent parties in the big cities. During this class we will focus on the gritty side of Jookin’- we’ll get down & dirty, movin’ & groovin’ to the deepest of the blues tunes. Are you ready to get down?!


Ballroomin’ is the jazzy side of blues dance. Generally done to slower big band music, it is a traveling dance that incorporates a relaxed posture, hip movements, and large fancy shapes including hops, slides, dips, and traditional (and not so traditional!) ballroom dance steps. This class will get you started with the techniques involved and teach you a few cool moves to use on the social floor.

Improvisational Connection

This class will push you to bust out of the box of dancing with your partner in only the classic embraces. We will focus on blues connection from a kinesthetic point of view, developing your sense of how it feels to physically move and be moved by another person. When practicing specific moves we often connect in only a few ways, but in reality our whole bodies can become conduits of momentum and control. Let’s use them!

“Co-Creation & Evolution”

On the social dance floor, every dance with every person is a unique experience. This requires that both partners take charge of co-creating the dance and providing inspiration. Like a good conversation, talking AND listening are essential. With both partners contributing, a dance can evolve into a joyful playground of spiraling creativity. :)

Flouer’s Bio

Currently Flouer is the Director of Blues Dance New York, through which she hosts a weekly blues dance called Friday Night Blues NYC; and holds monthly workshops and class series with Alfredo Melendez and various other local and national instructors. With over 17 years of training in various forms of partner dance, having performed and competed throughout Europe, North and South America, and acquiring her MFA in Dance; Flouer presents a very contextual, wholistic approach to Blues. In her classes this approach often translates into encouraging individual artistry while paying close attention to connection, technique, and historical references. Dance classes are about people- they should be interactive, interesting, and FUN! Flouer is deeply dedicated to building community through Blues dancing, and believes that people physically moving and learning together can lead to powerful experiences.

Contact John Vigil with any questions!

Flouer’s videos

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