Burque Blues Workshop Classes and More

Well, well, well! Burque Blues Workshop begins in just a little over a week! We added class descriptions!┬áCheck them out now, and be sure to grab your early bird before it’s too late!

Tonight? We have our Blues 101 Progressive Series! Part A: What is Blues dancing? begins tonight at 7:30PM. Click here for more information!

I’m very excited about the workshops we have planned for all of you in Albuquerque and can’t wait to teach all of you! :)

Not sure if Blues dance workshops are for you? Read a snippet from our newsletter that was sent out today!

Burque Blues postcard!

Burque Blues postcard!


  • You learn. A lot.
    • There is a lot to be said about learning from someone that has studied dancing countless number of hours and designed lessons specifically for a group of students.
    • You get to learn with other students that have the same goals in mind! It’s amazing the amount of learning that can be had when this happens.
  • Local workshops have great value
    • Traveling is not cheap, but it’s still worth it. However, when a workshop is local, there is added value because you don’t have to spend extra money traveling.
    • Another bonus is when a local instructor travels or brings in an instructor from out of state.

What do your think? I want to hear!

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